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Drug Driving Map of Britain

24 January 2017

A new Drug Driving Map of Britain has been created, highlighting the areas that are most affected by drug driving.

The map shows the areas which have the most convictions per 100,000 for drug driving since the implementation of the new laws.

The motoring conviction data set is publicly available from the Ministry of Justice and there are countless variables that may influence an area’s conviction rates of drug driving, far more than can be covered.

However, these may fit into one of three categories:

  • Structural - influences are societal pressures that may increase the prevalence of illegal drug use.
  • Procedural - is the effectiveness of the police and judicial system to ensure drug driving convictions.
  • Personal - which is where personal circumstance may contribute to a person driving under the influence of drugs or being acquitted thereof.

The differences in conviction rates between counties are as a consequence of the complex interplay of these factors and conclusions as to

the ultimate causes of drug driving are not possible without further investigation.

Factors that are likely to influence an areas drug driving rate are:

  • volume of car ownership (it follows that no cars means no drug drivers)
  • frequency of drug use (more drug use, more opportunities to drive under the influence of drugs)
  • the efficacy of the police and legal system

To download a copy of the map please click here.

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