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Future of mobility: urban strategy

19 March 2019

The ‘Future of mobility: urban strategy’ Moving Britain Ahead outlines the UK government’s approach to maximising the benefits from transport innovation in cities and towns. It sets out the principles that will guide government’s response to emerging transport technologies and business models. It also ensures that government can meet changes in the way people and goods will be moved around UK cities.

In what it is describing as the biggest review into transport in a generation, it will explore regulations around new types of vehicles including e-scooters and e-cargo bike trailers.

Fleet News carries a helpful report  highlighting that this is a key part of the Government’s modern Industrial Strategy. It sets out nine key principles that aim to guide Government decision-making going forward, ensuring that emerging transport technologies are safe, accessible and green. These include being: safe, secure and guarded against cyber threats; accessible to older people and those with visible and non-visible disabilities; and in line with the government’s ambition for a zero-emission future.

In facilitating innovation in urban mobility for freight, passengers and services, the Government’s approach will be underpinned as far as possible by the following Principles:

  • New modes of transport and new mobility services must be safe and secure by design.
  • The benefits of innovation in mobility must be available to all parts of the UK and all segments of society.
  • Walking, cycling and active travel must remain the best options for short urban journeys.
  • Mass transit must remain fundamental to an efficient transport system.
  • New mobility services must lead the transition to zero emissions.
  • Mobility innovation must help to reduce congestion through more efficient use of limited road space, for example through sharing rides, increasing occupancy or consolidating freight.
  • The marketplace for mobility must be open to stimulate innovation and give the best deal to consumers.
  • New mobility services must be designed to operate as part of an integrated transport system combining public, private and multiple modes for transport users.
  • Data from new mobility services must be shared where appropriate to improve choice and the operation of the transport system.

The Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy can be downloaded here.

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