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Government launches plan to put drivers back in the driving seat

4 October 2023

The Government has announced a new 30-point plan it says will support drivers with easier parking, smoother journeys and fairer traffic enforcement.The plan centres around five key areas:  

  • smoother journeys
  • stopping unfair enforcement
  • easier parking
  • cracking down on inconsiderate driving
  • helping the transition to zero emission driving

A total of £70 million will be provided to councils this financial year through three different schemes to invest in improving traffic lights and signals, including AI tech to optimise traffic flow in city centres.

The plan also reveals the intention to digitise traffic regulation orders, to pave the way for autonomous vehicles and ensure satnavs have the most up-to-date information on the location of parking spaces, road closures and speed limits. 

Other measures to make journey smoother include: 

  • strengthening guidance to make sure bus lanes operate only when buses are running
  • guiding local authorities on allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes and holding a consultation about whether motorcycle access should be standard
  • permitting red flashing lights for breakdown vehicles, helping to protect recovery drivers by making them more visible at the roadside
  • supporting councils to introduce more lane rental schemes, which reduce roadworks by incentivising utilities to avoid the busiest roads at the busiest times
  • consulting on requiring local authorities with lane rental schemes to use at least 50% of any surplus on pothole repairs or resurfacing
  • consulting on extending fines for overrunning street works at weekends and increasing fixed penalty notices

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