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Grey Fleet Review

30 November 2018

Driving for Better Business has just launched its new Grey Fleet Review, looking at the 14 million private vehicles used for business on the nation’s roads. It is the first of what will be a series of in-depth reviews into topics that can have a significant effect on both the risk profile and the operational costs of any organisation.

Delivering fresh analysis of the disadvantages – as well as some of the advantages – of privately-owned cars being used for work in the public and private sectors, the review is an invaluable guide for leaders, fleet managers, drivers and policy-makers.

In the Grey Fleet Review, Driving for Better Business:

  • Examines viable grey fleet alternatives including the latest ‘mobility’ policies,
  • Exposes the cost of grey fleet to the environment and to businesses’ bottom line,
  • Reports on how grey fleet drivers often ignore basic vehicle safety checks,
  • Reveals how organisations have slashed costs by ditching grey fleet, and
  • Explains why grey fleet can be bad for employers and employees.

For the full story please click here.

To download the report please click here.

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