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Highways England first year progress report on smart motorways stocktake

21 April 2021

The Highways England first year progress report on the All Lanes Running motorways stocktake.

The report contains the latest safety data which updates analysis contained in the 2020 Stocktake report.

It demonstrates significant progress against the 18 actions, which when delivered in full, will raise the bar on motorway safety.

Over the past 12 months, Highways England has:

  • launched a major road safety campaign to give drivers clear advice about what to do in the event of breaking down
  • completed work to turn emergency areas orange so they are more visible to drivers and improved the signage letting drivers know how far they are from the next place to stop in an emergency
  • installed 10 more emergency areas on the M25 around London
  • held a public consultation on proposed changes to the Highway Code that will provide more information about motorway driving
  • continued to upgrade cameras so they can automatically detect red X violations
  • introduced radar-based stopped vehicle detection technology on stretches of the M3 and the M20, with work underway on the M1

For the full report and more detail please access the Government website.

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