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Honest Truth Campaigns. Reimagined

2 December 2021

The Honest Truth Campaign has launched a set of resources for road safety professionals, developed around their trademark 10 Truths.

In a move away from THT’s roots, we’ve split the ADI intervention and campaign assets in two. Although the education delivered by instructors shares many of the same themes and materials, Honest Truth Campaigns can now be run in isolation, making them more versatile for road safety teams who don’t have the resources to engage with ADIs.

The core principle of Honest Truth remains the same - giving to young drivers the truth about safe driving, without patronising or sugar-coating. In the age of fake-news and the fear that millennials aren’t quite as resilient as their elders, the Honest Truth campaign believes that they can handle it.

Behaviour change theory is at the heart of all our resources and we have engaged with well-known advisors and researchers to ensure everything we put into the public domain is backed-up by robust methodology and ongoing evaluation. As you can see in the example poster below - all Truths now follow the same format:

● Headline - always eye-catching and to the point.

● Strap-line - informative, thought-provoking and created with BCTs. For example, “most people don’t drink and drive” is a positive social norm.

● Relatable animal - we’ve updated all our graphics in consultation with experts so they accurately reflect the behaviours being demonstrated in each scenario. For example, the drunk dog stumbling to his car in the above example, is very un-aspirational.

● Signposting/branding - this can be changed to local signposting and branding depending on where the campaign is being used.

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