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ICTTP 2016 Programme

20 July 2016

The ICTTP2016 programme offers a large choice of presentations from academia, government and industry on road safety and injury prevention, coupled with 10 symposia dedicated to topical issues.  With only 2 weeks to go, you are still able to register here to network with the 210 international and 145 national delegates already registered. 
A breadth of information will be gleaned from leading Australian universities (ANU, Griffith, Macquarie, Monash, QUT), and prominent international universities, not only on road safety, but on all aspects of traffic and transport, and the psychology that determines people’s behaviour, including: 

  • Sustainable transport 
  • Infrastructure
  • Driver training, assessment and licensing
  • Public and commercial transport
  • Education and marketing
  • Intelligent transport systems

Also hear from policymakers, stakeholders and industry on the latest research, programs and technologies relating to:

  • Safety technologies
  • Automated vehicles
  • Impaired driving relating to drug, alcohol and fatigue
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Fitness to drive
  • Driver distraction and inattention
  • Enforcement
  • Road user attitudes and behaviour
  • Policy and program collaborations across state, national and international borders
  • Improving road safety in low and middle income countries

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