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Medical Data Carrier- Stick it on and Save a Life

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Resource title: Medical Data Carrier- Stick it on and Save a Life
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{ "_id" : ObjectId("622c5661be59d700018c67de"), "ResourceId" : 21172532, "VersionId" : 27036934, "BuyingOrgId" : 16, "WebsiteId" : 0, "TemplateId" : 434, "Title" : "Medical Data Carrier- Stick it on and Save a Life ", "Link" : "medicaldatacarrierstickitonandsavealife", "DateCreated" : ISODate("2021-12-09T14:03:16Z"), "DateModified" : ISODate("2021-12-09T14:03:16Z"), "PromoteUntil" : null, "PageGroupId" : 0, "Weight" : 0, "OnHomePage" : false, "CopyOfId" : 0, "ViewingRight" : 0, "Template" : { "TemplateId" : 434, "BuyingOrgId" : 16, "Name" : "Award winner", "OurName" : "Award winner", "Alias" : "Winner", "Description" : "Details of an award for the Award Winners database", "Icon" : "shield", "DeveloperOnly" : false, "BuyingOrgSharing" : false, "Type" : { "ID" : 1, "Title" : "Website pages", "Description" : "Website pages", "Icon" : "globe", "Weight" : 10, "RequiresIdentifier" : false, "CanHaveChildren" : false, "CanHaveDefault" : false, "AskForTitle" : true, "UsedInWebsite" : true, "UsedInAppraisal" : false, "UsedInPortfolio" : false, "UserInputs" : false, "DoesntRequireReviewForSupervisorToView" : false, "DeclarationType" : false, "HasFinalScoring" : false, "SupervisorOnly" : false, "SafeForPortfolioAdminsToView" : false, "CanMove" : false }, "Weight" : 5, "Deleted" : false, "HasAttachment" : true, "AttachmentsOpen" : false, "CanRelateToEvent" : false, "NoLinkOption" : false, "GroupId" : 0, "DateCreated" : ISODate("2018-05-14T14:37:47Z"), "DateModified" : ISODate("2018-05-16T08:37:31Z"), "NoComments" : false, "NotTaggable" : true, "TemplateSubtypeId" : 0, "TemplateIdentifierId" : 0, "AnonymousCheck" : false, "CanRequest" : false, "AutoInReport" : false, "ParentId" : 0, "HideFromApi" : false, "NumOfResources" : 0, "DisplayOrder" : 0, "DefaultTemplate" : false }, "Properties" : { "Commendation" : false, "Category" : "6", "Body" : "<p>Medical Data Carrier (MDC) is a no tech, no fail way to provide crucial medical and emergency contact information to Good Samaritan or professional first responders. Fixed to the exterior of a motorcycle or bicycle helmet with a safe adhesive it is immediately available without need for helmet removal. It can be customized with any language, logo, safety strap line or social media campaign on the exterior creating thousands of safety ambassadors.</p>\r\n\r\n<p>It has has been integrated into the Canadian national motorcycle training program administered by the Canada Safety Council (CSC) for 4 years. Recipients are new or returning motorcycle riders who need to take and pass this training to received a licence.<br />\r\n<a href=\"https://medicaldatacarrier.com/\">MDC implements a multi pronged safety initiative.</a> It provides an ongoing visual reminder (on helmet) to new riders that riding has risks. The MDC securely contains the vital information about the rider should they be involved in a crash. Additionally, for this initiative, the exterior has messaging that cautions a Good Samaritan first responder to not remove the riders helmet as improper helmet removal may cause collateral damage to the rider including paralysis.</p>\r\n\r\n<p><br />\r\nWe have been proactively changing and influencing behaviours and attitudes of these vulnerable new riders while making it easier for post crash care by first responders and hospital. Every second counts and MDC saves lives.</p>\r\n", "Year" : "2021" } }

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