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EC compiles new Europe-wide road safety action plan

7 December 2009

The European Commission is to compile a new road safety action plan in a bid to reduce death and injury.

The European Union had hoped to halve the number of deaths in road accidents on Europe’s roads by 2010.

However, with 39,000 European citizens killed in road accidents last year the 50% reduction target of 27,000 is unlikely to be achieved.

More than 400 stakeholders with different backgrounds discussed the problems and the state of play in road safety in the European Union at a recent conference.

Following the conference the Commission will draft the European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020.

Transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani said: “Europe cannot be lax on road safety - tens of thousands of human lives are at stake each year. This action programme will help us remain demanding and determined in our fight against road accidents".

During the Brussels conference Vice-President Tajani also presented the Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2009, which are part of the European Road Safety Charter - a European Commission initiative that provides a road safety platform to enterprises, associations, research institutions and public authorities.

Their joint aim is to carry out concrete actions and share best practice in order to improve road safety problems that they encounter. Winners came from across Europe and the recipient of the award for institutions was Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

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