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Careful! Considerate! Correct!

27 March 2010

Careful! Considerate! Correct! is a DVD and booklet produced by The Highways Agency aimed at older drivers and is a light hearted way to remind them of a few essential things when driving.

Questions such as: Have you had your eyesight checked recently?, If you're on medication, have you asked your GP or pharmacist whether it may affect your driving? are addressed in this well researched product for use by individuals and groups. Intended outcomes are:

  • To ensure drivers are confident on our roads and understand what they can, can't, should and shouldn't do
  • To update them on the Highway Code and hopefully encourage them to re-read it in their own time
  • To encourage drivers to realise for themselves (self-evaluation) that there is more to learn and maybe they should attend a refresher course
  • To make them aware of potential issues with their medications or eyesight - again, self-evaluation
  • To ultimately reduce the numbers of KSIs in this age group on our roads (and all roads)

The resource is being used by Devon County Council, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and many other agencies

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