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Speeding behaviours come under scrutiny

6 October 2010

The latest road safety figures published by the Department for Transport in its report “Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2009: Annual Report”, reveals that 2,222 people were killed on UK roads in 2009, 12% fewer than in 2008.

The number of fatalities fell for almost all types of road user, with a fall of 16% for car occupants, 13% for pedestrians, 10% for pedal cyclists and 4% for motorcyclists.

It is estimated that one in every three people killed on the roads was driving for work at the time.

This puts a huge onus on fleet managers to manage this risk – driving is the most dangerous thing most employees will do while at work.

Part of the Department for Transport 's research into driver and rider behaviour, concluded that educating drivers on the implications of speed is likely to have a positive impact and enable speed limits to be enforced.

It said that using education to reinforce the message that speeding is unacceptable should be seen as prevention tool rather than punishment.

In many areas of the UK, an alternative to penalty points and paying fines comes in the shape of speed awareness courses. The courses are designed to improve drivers’ skills, attitudes and behaviour.

But speed-awareness courses do not have to be taken after an offence or as a punishment. Many companies including the AA offer courses to fleet drivers.

Fleet drivers also need to be aware that lower speed limits, such as 20mph zones in built-up areas, are likely to become more common. And demand for lower speed limits is strengthening.

For more information on speed management click here.

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