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Eco2 Transport event November 2010

16 October 2010

The UK's largest low carbon transport and travel event takes place on from 16-18 November, at London's Earl's Court.

Eco2 Transport is a free event, showcasing innovation in sustainable transport and travel. It gives public and private sector organisations information on lowering carbon emissions and maximising efficiency.

The event has line up of over 95 speakers and panellists including key industry figures, green champions and thought leaders, amongst them:

· Driving for Better Business’s Adrian Walsh, introducing seminars by LeasePlan and business champion Balfour Beatty.

· Robert Llewellyn, electric car campaigner, founder of­ Fully Charged and Carpool, and television personality of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge, interviewing Lord Drayson, bio-fuel pioneer through his racing team, Drayson Racing.

· Simon Graham, of Greenfleet and LowCVP award winner Commercial Group, talking on “Innovation without Expense: How to Lead without Costing the Earth”

Event Director Charles Troy explains, “Eco2 Transport is not another academic talking shop. It is all about engaging with the business user, informing them that carbon cutting and cost efficiency go hand in hand, and, most importantly, giving them the tools to act now.'

“We're bringing together for the first time the key stakeholders and solutions providers who have the answers to increased sustainability in the transport of goods and mobility of people, and connecting them with the end-user.

“Eco2 Transport is a must-attend event, because increased sustainability is no longer a business choice, it's a necessity, and with the current economic climate, the related cost efficiencies cannot be ignored.”

For further information about Eco2 Transport event please access their website.


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