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BT friends and family safe driving program

24 November 2010

This week is Road Safety Week. To co-incide with this, Driving for Better Business champion British Telecommunications has re-launched its Family and Friends Road Safety program, confirming its committment to community road safety.

It is asking all its people to take road safety home with them, and to engage their family in driving safely at all times.

The BT Friends and Family Safe Driving program entitled One More Second, is asking family members and friends as well as employees the following questions:

  • Do they have a valid driving licence?
  • Have they read the Highway Code recently?
  • Do they drive carefully at all times?
  • Is the vehicle they drive road worthy and legal (insurance, tax, certificates, etc)?
  • What can you do to help your family and community members be safer on the road?
  • What things have you learnt at work that is useful for safe driving in your day to day home life?
  • Have they undertaken any driver assessment or training since passing their test?
  • Do you feel safe while travelling with them?
  • How will their driving affect you own personal insurance premium and resale value of your vehicle?
  • How good is their use of mirrors, brakes, signals, steering, clutch, gears, speed, safety space, vehicle positioning and road junctions?
  • How safe are their parking, manoeuvring, following and hazard perception techniques?

For more information please click here.

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