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Children in cars

1 August 2006

Volvo has embarked on a number of initiatives to help reduce child casualties. These include:

  • Specific child safety options for new cars
  • A new range of child seats
  • Educational booklets
  • Exhibiting at Baby Shows
  • Direct mail focussed on young families
  • The creation of a virtual pregnant crash test dummy.

a general overview can be obtained from http://www.volvocars.co.uk/experience/_safe_world.htm.

Volvo's child safety know-how is derived from research and common sense. All Volvo's child seat accessories have been fully crash tested and cover children up to a weight of 36 kgs.

At the heart of the Volvo programme is a booklet called "Children in Cars" which can be downloaded from the Volvo internet or picked up at a Volvo dealer.

It gives advice to the mother-to-be, the first car ride, frequently asked questions, child physiology, child seat selection and seating positions for growing children.


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