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Report Shows gains through Better Employer Knowledge

1 June 2011

Devon County Council’s Safe and Sustainable Travel Team has published a report which reviews evidence on road safety initiatives for individuals at work.

The report, ‘A review of the evidence on road safety initiatives for individuals at work: implications for practice’, is the third conducted as part of Devon’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with the University of Plymouth. It reveals that:

  • Males are more prone to being involved in a work-related road collision compared to females
  •  Fatigue, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol are contributory factors associated with

It also examines evidence regarding whether road safety initiatives increase work-related drivers’ safety on the roads, and provides recommendations about how services and products may be developed in order to increase their effectiveness.

Reccommendations include:

  • Employers’ knowledge could be increased about the value of policies being written about workrelated road safety and that commitment is gained through senior management
  • Employers understanding of key performance indicators could be increased in order to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of different initiatives used in organisations
  • The hidden costs associated with work-related collisions could be highlighted to organisations

The full report can be downloaded here.

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