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Think Motorcycle Safety Campaign Launched

20 June 2011

 A new THINK! campaign to help cut the number of motorcyclists killed and injured on Britain's roads has been launched in UK.

Despite accounting for only 1% of traffic, motorcyclists make up around 20% of deaths on Britain’s roads with many of these collisions happening at junctions and involving another vehicle. This campaign will put motorcyclists centre stage in a bid to encourage drivers to look out for bikers by placing the focus on the person behind the helmet.

In 2009, 78% of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured were in collisions involving another vehicle and 67% of these collisions occurred at junctions, often with the driver of the other vehicle failing to see the motorcycle.

The THINK! campaign will include national radio adverts which will run from Monday 20th June which will be supported by drive time radio sponsorship and nationwide petrol forecourt advertising. There will also be Facebook activity aimed at motorcyclists and online adverts reminding drivers to look out for bikers.

Further support material is available here

Motorcyclists have the highest fatality rate per billion mile of any road user group. Despite only representing 1% of vehicle traffic, they account for around 20% of all road user deaths in Great Britain. 472 motorcyclists died and 5,350 were seriously injured in road accidents in 2009.

Typically around three-quarters (75%) of motorcycle deaths and serious injuries occur in collisions involving another vehicle.

THINK! will also be working with partners to raise awareness of extra training for motorcyclists and the importance of wearing appropriate safety gear when riding.

The total cost of the THINK! motorcycles campaign for 2011/12 is £1.2 million.


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