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20mph Places Conference

10 April 2012

The 20mph Places Conference on 1st May at London Transport Museum is an opportunity for professionals to hear views on:.

  • Understand the issues on 20mph speed reduction without humps
  • Saves the authority money by learning how to consult, social market and implement 20mph limits well. 
  •  Understand funding strategies and how to win partner organisation contributions.
  • Save time by having an implementation strategy that works quickly to gain popularity and driver compliance
  • Avoid making mistakes / de-risk your implementation of 20mph limits by learning to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Learn the best practice evidence on how to most quickly and effectively reduce the number and severity of road casualties through 20mph limits

Keynote speech from Norman Baker MP, Under Secretary of State for Transport
The 20mph Places conference is in collaboration between 20's Plenty and  PTRC training

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