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Research reveals speed cameras really do catch bad drivers

1 May 2006

A research project conducted in the Midlands reveal s that the more times you have been caught by a speed camera, the more likely you are to be involved in a crash.

The independent research project shows that 64% of motorists with points on their licence have been involved in a collision, compared with 42% who have no points.

The study, developed by Prof Stradling at the Transport Research Institute, Napier University, Edinburgh on behalf of eight Midlands’ safety camera partnerships, will also show an alarming 72% of drivers with four or more points on their licence have been in a crash.

Stradling warns that drivers with penalty points for speeding are far more likely to have an accident than those with a clean licence.

The study also revealed that:

  • Only a quarter of drivers aged between 25 and 50 actually enjoy driving fast.
  • Three quarters of drivers consider themselves to be ‘a better driver than most people.’
  • 15% of men aged between 35 and 50 have received at least three speeding tickets.
  • 70% of under 25-year-olds admit to breaking the 30mph limit.
  • The majority of drivers, especially females, believe that speeding is selfish.
  • Only one third of drivers who had been involved in a road traffic collision said they drove more carefully after the crash. More worryingly another third said having a crash had absolutely no effect on their driving afterwards.
  • Economically active male drivers aged between 35 and 50 with larger car engines are most likely to activate a speed camera.
  • Up to 40% of passengers said that they would never ask the driver to drive more safely.
  • There are two distinct groups of “boy racers” each with different attitudes towards driving.

The full report is available on www.roadsafe.com – click on ‘Events’.

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