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New website to improve road skills

24 June 2013

A new website designed to help road users develop and improve their driving and riding skills has been launched.

Safe Driving for Life has been developed by the DSA in partnership with its official publishers, TSO.

The website is a one-stop information resource which will be rolled out in 4 phases. It will hold useful, interesting and interactive material for:

  • learners
  • experienced drivers and riders
  • instructors
  • professional drivers and riders

Phase 1 includes:

  • the learners’ section
  • Safe Driving for Life shop
  • practice theory tests for car, motorbike, LGV and PCV
  • a suitability tool for people to test whether they’re cut out to be an ADI

The remaining 3 phases will all be launched by this August 2013, but the website will continue to be developed beyond that, according to users’ needs and interests.

For further information please contact Sarah Scott by emailing sarah.scott@dsa.gsi.gov.uk. 

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