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Novice Drivers have their say

21 August 2013

 A new report from Co-Operative Insurance, concerning young drivers shows that:

•             62% of young drivers are in favour of a minimum learning period

•             24% say an accident they had could have been prevented if they had spent more time learning to drive

•             Almost a third (29%) say they cannot drive alone after passing their driving test

Young drivers say lessons are failing to prepare them for life on the road and want an overhaul to better equip the next generation of motorists.

After passing their driving tests young people are not ready to face everyday situations including driving on motorways, on their own or in the dark.

As a result of their experiences as new drivers, an overwhelming 62% of young drivers support the introduction of a minimum learning period.

This is amongst the findings of a new report launched today by telematics leader The Co-operative Insurance which examines the views and experiences of young drivers.  It comes ahead of a Green Paper to be published later this year outlining government plans on how to tackle the safety of young drivers and cut insurance costs.

Almost half (48%) feel unprepared for motorway driving after passing their driving test and around one in three (29%) find they are not ready for night-time driving. The same number (29%) say they are incapable of driving alone after passing their test.

The study also found that one in seven new young drivers (14%) consider themselves to be ‘unprepared’ to drive at all.

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