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Driving advice from Shell

3 December 2014

Driving requires skill and concentration at all times. Driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs judgement and increases the risk of accidents. In most countries, there are strict rules on how much alcohol you can drink when in the driving seat and there is an increasing focus on how drugs also affect driving ability.

Whether you are caught driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the results will be the same.

Depending on local law and the levels of drink or drugs found, you could face:

  • An accident leading to injury or even death
  • Living with the guilt of having caused injury or death to others
  • The loss of your job
  • A prison sentence
  • A criminal record
  • A large fine
  • The loss of your driving licence, resulting in a complete change in lifestyle because you lose your independence
  • An increase in insurance premiums or difficulty in obtaining insurance
  • The need to successfully complete another driving test to acquire a licence.

Therfore the best protection is prevention: Be drug free, be alcohol free, be safe.

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