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IAM warns of host of driving law changes

10 July 2015

Story from the IAM.

New regulations that have changed driving licences, drug-drive limits and speed limits have already taken place in 2015. There are, however, other changes expected to take place later in the year.

For motorists oblivious to these changes, the IAM is raising awareness to ensure all road users understand the new driving laws and changes.

In March a new law on driving under the influence of legal or illegal drugs including cannabis and cocaine and prescription drugs including diazepam, methadone and morphine came into force across England and Wales.

Earlier this month, the IAM revealed the true scale of drug-driving since the new regulations started and found 902 arrests have already been made by police forces. Motorists convicted of drug-driving will get a minimum one year driving ban, unlimited fine, up to six months imprisonment and a criminal record.

In April, the speed limit for the largest heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) travelling on a single carriageway across England and Wales increased from 40mph to 50mph, and on a dual carriageway it has increased from 50mph to 60mph.

Changes to driving laws and other-related procedural changes have also come into force this year to take advantage of the internet, increase convenience and save time on administration.

Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer said, “This year has seen some of the biggest changes in motoring procedures we have ever seen. It is very important drivers and riders are fully up-to-date on what is happening – they will affect everyone in one way or another. So don’t get caught out, get informed.”

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