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Driving for a living? make sure it's not the death of you.

7 March 2007

A new THINK! road safety campaign to tackle stress and distractions among the UK's three million-strong army of "White Van Men" was launched earlier in the month.

And for the first time, all callers ringing drivers on their mobiles are be urged to take the initiative and phone back later in a ground-breaking new THINK! mobile phones TV campaign - "If they're driving, kill the conversation" - also launched today.

The THINK! Driving for Work campaign  focuses on removing many of the hazards van drivers face, such as answering mobile phones whilst driving, stress and fatigue - meanwhile drivers and their bosses will be encouraged to plan journeys better in a bid to reduce speeding.

Over the past 10 years the number of vans in the UK has increased by around one third - the campaign illustrates the vital contribution van drivers make and the dramatic impact of a road safety accident.

Alongside this, and last week's introduction of tough new penalties for using a mobile illegally at the wheel, the Government is launching its first THINK! mobile phones TV campaign to educate people about the dangers of driving and talking on the phone.

In a new approach, the campaign makes it clear that it is not just the responsibility of drivers to consider the consequence of using a mobile at the wheel - people making calls also need to realise that they are putting the recipient's life at risk. The message is clear; your call can wait until it's safe for the person you are calling to talk.

The THINK! Driving for Work campaign will target drivers with messages throughout their working day through targeted radio advertisements, press partnerships, and ambient advertisements in service station washrooms washrooms and on cafe sandwich bags.


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