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PACTS: Drink Driving – Taking Stock, Moving Forward

27 January 2021

The new report from PACTS is both welcome and timely. It suggests that  UK’s system to prevent drink driving is no longer adequate and it has clear weaknesses. The report Drink Driving – Taking Stock, Moving Forward, which calls for a comprehensive review. Has been widely welcomed.

The report shows the problem needs a broader approach, combining improved enforcement, health measures and alternative transport provision. It recommends:

  • Mandatory breath testing powers for the police and the reduction in enforcement levels to be reversed
  • Increased penalties for drivers who combine drink and drugs
  • Specialist rehabilitation courses for those with mental health and alcohol problems
  • A lower breath test limit for England and Wales
  • Reforming the High Risk Offender Scheme
  • Paying more attention to drink driving in alcohol harm and night time economy policies

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