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Road Safety Analysis and Agilysis: latest webinar series launched.

3 June 2020

Road Safety Analysis and Agilysis have announced the release of a  third series of webinars. This series will profile new webinars on the following three themes throughout June and July:

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Design & Delivery
  • Older Mobility

The launch of series three continued on Monday 1st June where Dan Campsall was joined by industry experts David Davies (PACTS), Edmund King (The AA), Duncan Dollimore (Cycling UK), Steve Proctor (TMS), and Robert Weetman (Living Streets) to discuss how are urban roads are changing with a fresh new emphasis on active and sustainable travel as we move out of lockdown.

The second special event is next Monday and is titled "Rural Road Risk - What are the biggest issues on our country roads?" This Q&A Session will be hosted by Agilysis CEO, Richard Owen featuring panellists; Suzy Charman (Road Safety Foundation), Neil Greig (IAM Roadsmart), Teresa Ciano (GoSafe Wales), and Tanya Fosdick (Agilysis).

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Rural Roads – Are the roads the problem, what are the ‘dangers’ motorists face, what interventions can be successful
  • Speeds – Safe speeds and a debate on rural speed limits
  • Road users – Who uses the rural road network and for what purpose. Who is more at risk?
  • What impact with COVID19 have on rural road use – We have seen an explosion of cycling and walking on rural roads with reduced traffic, what challenges does this pose as we exit lockdown and how can VRUs safely use a rural network in future?

To find out more and to register please click here.


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