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Seatbelt and mobile phone use surveys:2017.

18 February 2019

Information about the proportion of drivers observed using a hand-held mobile phone and the proportion of drivers and passengers wearing seatbelts whilst driving in Great Britain from a roadside observation survey commissioned jointly between Transport Scotland and Department for Transport can be found below.

In Great Britain in 2017, 1.1% of drivers were observed using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving on weekdays, of which:

  • 0.4% were observed holding the phone to their ear
  • 0.8% holding the phone in their hand

For seatbelts:

  • 96.5% of drivers were observed using a seatbelt on weekdays
  • 93.1% of front seat passengers were observed using a seatbelt
  • 90.7% of rear seat passengers were observed using a seatbelt

Seatbelt and mobile phone use surveys: 2017 Report.

To download the remaining reports please click here.

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