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Supporting Data Collection for Regional Road Safety Observatories

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{ "_id" : ObjectId("6399f5b2b02f93000103e115"), "ResourceId" : 23764358, "VersionId" : 32416413, "BuyingOrgId" : 16, "WebsiteId" : 0, "TemplateId" : 434, "Title" : "Supporting Data Collection for Regional Road Safety Observatories", "Link" : "supportingdatacollectionforregionalroadsafetyobservatories", "DateCreated" : ISODate("2022-12-14T16:11:30.329Z"), "DateModified" : ISODate("2022-12-14T16:11:30.332Z"), "PromoteUntil" : null, "PageGroupId" : 0, "Weight" : 0, "OnHomePage" : false, "CopyOfId" : 0, "ViewingRight" : 0, "Template" : { "TemplateId" : 434, "BuyingOrgId" : 16, "Name" : "Award winner", "OurName" : "Award winner", "Alias" : "Winner", "Description" : "Details of an award for the Award Winners database", "Icon" : "shield", "DeveloperOnly" : false, "BuyingOrgSharing" : false, "Type" : { "ID" : 1, "Title" : "Website pages", "Description" : "Website pages", "Icon" : "globe", "Weight" : 10, "RequiresIdentifier" : false, "CanHaveChildren" : false, "CanHaveDefault" : false, "AskForTitle" : true, "UsedInWebsite" : true, "UsedInAppraisal" : false, "UsedInPortfolio" : false, "UserInputs" : false, "DoesntRequireReviewForSupervisorToView" : false, "DeclarationType" : false, "HasFinalScoring" : false, "SupervisorOnly" : false, "SafeForPortfolioAdminsToView" : false, "CanMove" : false }, "Weight" : 5, "Deleted" : false, "HasAttachment" : true, "AttachmentsOpen" : false, "CanRelateToEvent" : false, "NoLinkOption" : false, "GroupId" : 0, "DateCreated" : ISODate("2018-05-14T14:37:47Z"), "DateModified" : ISODate("2018-05-16T08:37:31Z"), "NoComments" : false, "NotTaggable" : true, "TemplateSubtypeId" : 0, "TemplateIdentifierId" : 0, "AnonymousCheck" : false, "CanRequest" : false, "AutoInReport" : false, "ParentId" : 0, "HideFromApi" : false, "CanComment" : true, "NumOfResources" : 0, "DisplayOrder" : 0, "DefaultTemplate" : false }, "Properties" : { "Commendation" : false, "Year" : "2022", "Category" : "28", "Body" : "<p>With funding from the World Bank&rsquo;s Global Road Safety Facility, iRAP and Agilysis have delivered a ground-breaking research and development project to mine innovative data sources for road safety in Africa, to support the <a href=\"https://www.ssatp.org/topics/african-road-safety-observatory\">African Road Safety Observatory </a> (ARSO). <a href=\"https://agilysis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/dashboards/803d3973c27d4d5b80926f1c51942d55\">Novel sources of satellite and street imagery data </a> were used to map where 75% of travel occurs across Kenya and Ethiopia, and trial the detection of speed, flow and other road features for the measuring and monitoring of road safety indicators.<br />\r\n<br />\r\nThe project was focussed on the Global Road Safety Performance Targets for network safety and speed reduction.</p>\r\n\r\n<p>The two principle elements to the project were;</p>\r\n\r\n<ul>\r\n\t<li>Mapping where 75% of travel occurs in a specific country;</li>\r\n\t<li>and generating road attribute data in target LMICs to support consistent and harmonised KPI reporting for regional Road Safety Observatories.</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n\r\n<p>The aim was to explore low-cost approaches using existing big data without the need to undertake surveys on the ground. Innovative data sources have already been explored in High Income Countries (HIC) but the potential in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) was relatively unknown. This research project sought to improve the state-of-the-art in emerging data mining methods and technologies, and provide advice and recommendations for greatest areas of potential. Providing rapid assessments of road infrastructure characteristics can then be used to benchmark performance within countries and over time.</p>\r\n" } }

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