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The Safe System reduces child casualties

17 March 2018

Stroy from the Road Safety Knowledge Centre.

Every day in the European Union, more than 30 children are seriously injured and two are killed in road traffic collisions. More than 8,100 have died over the last decade.

This report argues that improving road safety for children can be achieved through a combined set of measures to address the behaviour of all road users:

  • upgrading the road environment
  • designing vehicles that better protect both their occupants and those outside the vehicle
  • enforcing traffic laws
  • promoting correct use of appropriate child restraint systems
  • improving road traffic education and awareness raising

It also suggests that a policy focus on child safety resulting in actual safety measures might also lead to a general improvement in road safety for all road users.

Part I of the report examines the latest data on child road deaths from across the EU and other countries that form part of ETSC’s Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) programme. As well as showing the differences that still exist between countries, it gives examples of policies that have led to faster progress and areas for improvement.

Part II looks at the main measures for reducing the risks to children including vehicle safety, child restraint systems, improved infrastructure, mobility policies and education, helmet use, pre-hospital care and licensing of young drivers who, in some countries, are able to ride a moped or scooter at the age of 14.

Recommendations for national and EU policymakers are made throughout, and a shorter list of priority measures is given at the end of the executive summary.

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