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TIE – reduce risk and consequence content to include more BCTs

16 November 2020

Story from Road Safety GB.

Road safety professionals involved in the production of pre-driver theatre and workshop education programmes should reduce the focus on risk and consequences, replacing this with ‘high potential’ behaviour change techniques (BCTs).

That is one of three key interim recommendations from a study currently being carried out by Elizabeth Box, head of research at the RAC Foundation.

Elizabeth’s research, titled Pre-Driver Theatre & Workshop Education Research: reviewing current practice and trialling a new approach in the UK, was the subject of a keynote presentation broadcast on 9 November as part of the Festival of Road Safety.

The research is part of Elizabeth’s doctorate studies at Cranfield University. The overall purpose of the project is to find the best ways to use pre-driver theatre and workshop education (TIE) to improve young and novice driver safety.

The project aims to evaluate whether the content and format of TIE interventions can help pre-drivers to develop effective strategies for coping with road related risk.

In the presentation, Elizabeth first outlines the research programme, before going on to reveal interim project findings and her recommendations for action.

Click here to access the full article.

Elizabeth Box is a Prince Michael International Road Safety judge.

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