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UK Autodrive in ‘world’s first’ multi-vehicle connected and driverless test

15 October 2018

Story from Highways magazine.

The UK Autodrive consortium has completed the 'world’s first' tests involving more than one connected and autonomous vehicle. 

The three-day demonstrations took place across two cities and the trials involved around a dozen vehicles, three of which were conventional cars while the rest were driverless pods, currently finding a market in large facilities, such as airports, logistics centres and campuses.

The £20m project adds that this trial will provide valuable data on the road to bringing the technology to the mass market.

Jesse Norman, future of mobility minister, said, 'The increasing automation of our cars is transforming the way we drive, and the government is providing the regulation and investment in order to prepare for the future.

'Automation could bring significant benefits to people right across the country and presents enormous economic opportunities for the UK, with the global market for CAV [connected and autonomous vehicle] technologies expected to be worth over £900m by 2035.

'We are on the cusp of an exciting and profound change in how people, goods and services move around the country which is set to be driven by extraordinary innovation. UK Autodrive is helping put the UK at the forefront of that change.'

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