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UK CAM Roadmap updated.

2 July 2020

Source: Zenzic.

The UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 is being updated. In one short year the Roadmap has become an indispensable tool for CAM decision makers, investors and legislators, worldwide. With a single vision of interdependencies, the roadmap addresses developments needed to achieve connected and automated mobility (CAM) at scale by 2030.

The update, which launches in Autumn 2020, will include enhancements to the initial release, with the ability to track roadmap progress and attribute delivery contribution to roadmap activity.

You have until 18 August 2020 to register as a CAM Creator. You’ll feature on the updated Roadmap and join the companies and organisations making the sector connections, forming collaborative partnerships and taking the commercial opportunities being part of the Roadmap offers. Register below and put your company on the map as a CAM Creator. 

Why you should be involved:

  • Help build and be part of the UK CAM ‘big picture’. Be recognised for the work you’re completing and take advantage of the opportunities and collaboration that the Roadmap identifies.
  • Showcase your business, raise your profile to investors, partners and government.
  • Know and be part of the UK ‘CAMscape’ and identify new commercial opportunities.
  • Have the opportunity to provide input and thought leadership to the Roadmap based on your understanding of what is happening and your CAM acvitivity.

For more information please click here.

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