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Make safety a deal breaker

24 January 2018

In announcing The Volvo XC60 as the winners of the UK What Car? Safety Award Thatcham Research points out that according to a panel of expert judges it is one of the safest cars ever made, 

Thatcham is also calling upon car buyers to make safety a deal breaker and either only buy cars which have AEB as standard or ask that it be added to the overall purchase price. Avery comments, “Drivers can’t rely on manufacturers to deliver AEB on every new car just yet. Until that day comes car buyers should do their research and follow our top tips for making safety a deal breaker.”

Make sure it’s a five-star car: Head to Euro NCAP’s website and check the safety score of any car you’re considering. If it hasn’t earned a five-star rating, don’t buy it.

Demand AEB: Understand whether the car has AEB as standard or as an option. If it’s not available, score that car off your list. If it’s only optional ask the dealer to fit it as part of the sale. If they won’t, take your business to one who will.

Don’t be fobbed off: Dealers might downplay the importance of safety systems to sell you an in-stock car that doesn’t have them. Don’t be tempted by the instant option, insist on a car that has the kit you want.

Autonomous Emergency Braking systems are safety systems that help the driver avoid (or reduce) a crash and its consequences. Different sensor technologies can be used to identify critical situations ahead, including radar, camera and LIDAR. AEB systems can warn the driver and provide brake support or fully auto-brake the car without driver involvement. More advanced systems combine both these functionalities.  Learn more about AEB here.