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Stop the Crash Experience Life Saving Technology

1 November 2017

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology is proven to reduce collisions and costs, yet take up of these systems in the UK is poor. One barrier is a lack of customer knowledge about the benefits ADAS can bring to a fleet, and an understanding of how the different systems work.  

Autonomous Emergency Braking, for example, has been proven to reduce ‘at fault’ rear collisions by up to 38%, and third party injury claims by up to 45%. Above all it has the potential to save lives.

Put simply, AEB is a safety technology that takes into account the traffic conditions ahead and will automatically brake the car if the driver fails to respond to the conditions. It’s probably the most significant development in car safety since the seat belt because AEB aims to prevent the crash in the first place. That means a safer journey for drivers, and a reduction in avoidable vehicle damage and associated costs for businesses.

As part of the Stop the Crash initiative In  association with Think and Thatcham Research the Driving for Better Business campaign team invite you to experience first hand, from the driver’s seat, how the latest collision avoidance technology can protect drivers , prevent vehicle damage and reduce fuel use.