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The York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership launch a programme to assist Migrant Workers

21 September 2009

A new CD aimed at helping migrant workers stay safe on roads in North Yorkshire has been produced by 95 Alive York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership.

Nine people have died in collisions involving migrant workers on the County’s roads since 2006. The CD has been made in Polish initially but the aim is to translate it into up to six other languages by the end of the year

It covers all aspects of driving in Britain from documentation to road signs, speed limits and the rules and laws of the road. There’s also information from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue about how to stay safe in the home.

A series of workshops is being held around the County where copies of the CD will be distributed.

For more information or a copy of the CD contact:

John Everson - 95 Alive Partnership Coordinator on 01609 533086

Janet Gleeson - 95 Alive Campaign Coordinator on 01609 798304