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eSafety technology could revolutionise Fleet Safety

29 April 2010

At least 40 % of fatal road accidents are the result of skidding. Studies show that ESC could reduce skidding accidents by up to 80%.

The effectiveness of ESC is now well established by independent research in Europe, Japan, and the USA. In the European Union it is estimated that ESC could avoid 4,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries. Now Rear end Collissions can be prevented with new technology.

European research has shown that the fitment of ESC has reduced crashes by some 40%, now automatic emergency braking system is going into series production for the first time. It provides effective support for drivers in critical situations in which there is the threat of a rear-end collision.

Think what difference these systems could make in fleets! What are your views - your opinion would be most helpful as part of on a short survey about safety and assistance systems in fleets.

If you complete the survey you will get the results which will be announced at the eSafety Challenge on 13 July.

Many thanks for your help.

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