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Tyres keep you in control

30 September 2010

Tyres are essential in braking, accelerating and steering. A driver risks failure in all three if they are in poor condition. That is why RoadSafe is supporting Tyre Safety Month, this October.

Underinflated or worn tyres have more contact with the road than well-kept tyres. This generates excess heat, which causes more damage. The results are:

• Less grip on the road, increasing stopping distances and the chance of skidding
• Reduced control of the vehicle
• Quicker wear of the tyres, leading to more frequent replacement
• Increased fuel consumption

All these consequences cost drivers in terms of safety and money.

Government takes tyre safety seriously. Drivers caught with unsafe tyres face fines of up to £2,500 and three points on their licence per tyre.

Divers can quickly and easily check their tyre pressure at home or a service station. The manufacturer’s handbook will have the recommended pressure levels.

Tread depth can also be checked in minutes, with a simple 20p test. Tread should be a minimum of 1.6mm deep, any less and it is illegal. The TyreSafe website shows you how to check.

As part of Tyre Safety Month, garages across the UK are offering free tyre checks. Visit the TyreSafe website for more information.