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Tyre Safety Month

4 October 2018

This month is annual Tyre Safety Month.

Organised by TyreSafe, the campaign asks motorists ‘when did you last get into the groove to do a tyre tread depth check?’.

Statistics published by TyreSafe suggest that more than half of drivers are driving on ‘poorly maintained or defective’ tyres – with 57% of tyres under-inflated and 27% already illegal when they are replaced.

DfT statistics show that tyre-related incidents cause around 1,000 casualties a year – nearly 200 of which are killed or seriously injured.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said, “This year’s theme for Tyre Safety Month is all about engaging with drivers.

“The underlying message is a serious and important one but with the scope for creativity in sharing the message, there’s no reason it can’t be fun to be involved. No need to feel Under Pressure – just Tune Into Tyre Safety.”

For more information about the campaign please click here.