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Celebrity support for RoadSafe for Parents

3 February 2011

 RoadSafe’s new campaign – RoadSafe for Parents – reminds mums and dads of their unique ability to keep young drivers safe.

The campaign has the backing of celebrities including Phillip Schofield and Fearne Cotton. All agree that getting your driving licence is one of the most exciting but risky experiences of young adulthood.

In 2009, 45,701 drivers aged 17-24 were involved in accidents reported to the police. More than half were casualties, and of those 564 died. That is more than ten every week.

Passing the driving test does not guarantee safety. The test measures a driver’s ability to handle the car and read the road. It cannot guarantee the same level of experience and risk awareness that helps more established drivers avoid accidents.

Read the RoadSafe for Parents press release.

Read the latest young driver road accident statistics from the Department for Transport.

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