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Educational Resources for 11 to 14 year Olds

23 January 2012

'Your Call' is a resource produced by Road Safety Scotland for 11-14 year-olds, statistically the most at-risk age group, with flexible lesson plans that link to Health and Well-being, and a learning style which is fundamental to Curriculum for Excellence.

The resource is designed to build on work that has already been covered in primary school and continue to be meaningful for this age group.

The lesson content covers a wide variety of road safety issues while bringing in themes of peer pressure, bullying, citizenship and personal safety, and provides opportunity for cross-curricular links.

There is a large focus on active learning with discussion, debate and opportunity for personal reflection and less weighting on paper-based activities. By maximising pupil involvement and promoting discussion relevant to pupils’ own experiences and environment, the aim is to provide pupils with the opportunity to challenge their own behaviour and take responsibility for their safety, and the safety of others, in the road environment.

Access to this resource is available free of charge and easily be adapted for educational programmes in almost any country. It can be found alongside many other valuable resources here.

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