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Top 10 professions most likely to speed

9 January 2013

Operations directors, surgeons and sales directors are the drivers most likely to have been caught speeding – and students are among the least likely, a new survey has revealed.
As reported by Motoring Research.com, MoneySupermarket has analysed 14 million car insurance quotes run over the past year and discovered the professions most likely to have points on their licence because of speeding.

The survey comes as MoneySupermarket reveals that 7 in 10 of ALL driving convictions are for speeding.

In the gender split, 9.2% of men have a speeding conviction: a full 3% more than women. It’s 40-49 year olds who are most likely to have a conviction, followed by people in their 30s and then 50-64 year olds.

Younger drivers? They are LEAST likely to have a conviction for speeding, with male drivers aged 20-24 having a conviction rate of 7.2%, and females a 4.4% rate.


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