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Getting young drivers back on the roads - in safety

26 April 2013

Ahead of a recent parliamentary debate and in the context of the promised Green Paper, PACTS has issued a helpful briefing paper which highlights the serious safety problem involving young drivers, particularly in the year after they pass their test.

It shows that in 2011:

• 412 people were killed in accidents involving young car drivers (17-24 years), accounting for 22% of all road deaths;
• Nearly a fifth (1,552) of all car occupants killed or seriously injured were young car drivers (17-24 years). (DfT, Reported Road Casualties Great Britain)

The issues highlighted in th epaper are:

• Young, newly-qualified drivers are disproportionately involved in crashes, particularly catastrophic crashes involving multiple passengers. This has driven up insurance premiums for young drivers.
• Young drivers themselves know that they engage in risky and even illegal behaviours, with more than average reporting that they drive too fast for the conditions or text while driving – and see this behaviour among their peers.
• New drivers know that they need to improve their skills, with 95% acknowledging the need for at least some improvement. This is more commonly reported by females.

Further information is available on the PACTS web site.