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BT Launches Worlds largest Friends and Family Safe Driving Programme

1 November 2006

As part of its Starting Point safe driving program, British Telecom has in the last fortnight made the multi-award winning online driver training module One More Second, provided by Interactive Driving Systems, freely available for family members and friends who drive.

The training has been launched by BT to raise awareness of the hazards associated with driving – the activity where most people between the ages of 4-44 in the UK lose their life prematurely and simple techniques to minimise the risks. The web based program allows BT to take road safety into the home and provides an opportunity for the company to help over 250,000 people with the potential for a major impact on community road safety, as well as occupational road risk within the company.

The launch has been specifically timed to support external initiatives including:

The European Agency for Safety and Health’s 2006 campaign to protect young workers - workers aged 18-24 have 50% higher risk of an accident at work than other workers. They are particularly at risk at the start of new jobs (http://osha.eu.int/youngpeople).

The TUC’s young worker health and safety guide (www.tuc.org.uk/extras/Apprenticeships.pdf).

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