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More parental guidance needed according to report

4 June 2014

The report by the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership is based on an online survey looking at the behaviour of young drivers and their passengers.

The survey was designed to capture local and up to date self-reports, in order to inform the development of upcoming initiatives to target this high risk group.

70% of respondents said they have no parental restrictions placed on their driving at all.

Over a third of respondents who were passengers reported feeling uneasy, with 23% feeling worried, when being driven by a young driver. More than 20% were unsure whether they would be able to speak up if they felt scared by a friend’s driving.

63% of male respondents and more than 50% of all respondents said they were more skillful at driving than their peers. And 86% of male and 63% of female respondents said they knew exactly what risks they could take when overtaking.

When asked about the causes of young driver crashes, one of the most common responses was over confidence. When asked what they thought would help to prevent crashes, the two main responses related to improved education and driver training (potentially through schools) and increased enforcement and restrictions on young drivers.

For more information please email neil.snow@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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