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New assessment for older drivers

2 July 2014

Story form Newspress.

The Mature Driver's Assessment is a way for older drivers to gain a trusted second opinion on their driving and is available for motorists aged over 70. It consists of a 60 minute driving assessment that includes advice on what action to take.

The assessment is not a formal test, it is a 60 minute drive with an IAM-approved assessor. Candidates drive in their own vehicle taking routes that they are familiar with. At the end of the assessment, they are given immediate feedback and a confidential written report. A certificate is given to those judged ‘Excellent’ or ‘Competent’ or there is advice that their driving needs to improve and what needs to be done about it.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said, “This assessment helps keep older people driving for as long as it is safe to do so. It’s worth remembering that many older people actually give up too early, simply because they lack confidence. It also gives elderly drivers and their families the information they need so that they can choose the right time to give up driving.”


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