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Help for older drivers

11 May 2015

Although older drivers have been proved to be significantly safer than their younger counterparts, last autumn a Freedom of Information request by the IAM showed while 36,001 people between 20 and 30 were disqualified from driving for any reason in the previous 12 months; 3,874 in their 60s were; 1,012 in their 70s were and just 168 in their 80s were.

Despite the statistics showing they are the safest drivers on the roads; many older motorists can lose confidence as our roads get busier. To help them with this, the IAM is highlighting its Mature Drivers Assessment (MDA) through a regional test campaign following the successful launch of the initiative in June 2014.

The campaign, which will be running over the next four weeks across Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne, Rother and Worthing, enables senior drivers to take a 60 minute drive in the comfort of their own car with an IAM approved assessor who will offer an impartial second opinion about their driving. 

The Older Drivers Task Force, chaired by RoadSafe director John Plowman aims to provide practical support for older drivers and their families in the form of a comprehensive national strategy. Initiatives to be considered include a focus on self-help, driver assistance technologies, better in-vehicle protection and road design for older drivers. The Task Force will review national and international evidence and best practice. It is expected to report its findings to government in mid-2016.

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