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'Didn't See' campaign launched by THINK!

23 July 2014

Story from Newspress.

The ‘Didn’t See’ radio campaign has been launched by THINK! to encourage drivers to take longer to look for motorcyclists.

Robert Goodwill, Road Safety Minister, has announced the launch of a new THINK! radio campaign to encourage drivers to take longer to look for motorcyclists after figures revealed that 30 bikers are killed or injured every day at junctions.

The ‘Didn’t See’ campaign will run for 4 weeks on national radio with the aim of reducing the number of motorcyclist and driver collisions on our roads.

Research for THINK! has shown that drivers believe the majority of motorcycle accidents happen because of bikers breaking the speed limit – but statistics actually show around half of motorcyclist accidents, where the rider is killed or seriously hurt, occur at junctions, with drivers failing to look properly being the most common cause.

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