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Winter driving: preparation

4 February 2015

Story from Safer Roads

The last few days has seen the arrival of some really cold conditions, in some parts of the country the worst for several years. Of all the seasons, winter is the one which requires drivers take the most care and preparation when taking to the roads. Therefore Safer Roads is offering useful advice to help motorists to stay safe this winter.

Useful tips include:

  • With the days being shorter in winter, it’s best practice to always drive with your lights on. Remember it’s not just about you seeing where you’re going, it’s about other motorists being able to see you. So leave them switched on.
  • Try to keep to the main roads, as these are more likely to have been gritted and the higher traffic flow will keep them warmer, reducing the risk of hit patches of snow or ice.
  • The simplest advice is to leave a little longer for your journey than you would have otherwise. Poor road conditions mean that traveling may be rather slow going, and can lead to a build-up in traffic. No one likes being late, so by giving yourself an extra few minutes, you should be avoiding a whole lot of stress.
  • One regular problem we encounter is waking up to a frozen over windscreen. Make sure you clear all of your windows before setting off on your journey. Restricted visibility can be very dangerous. The same goes if your car is covered in snow. Clear it all off. Including the roof, bonnet and especially your lights; using a soft broom can be helpful to clear the snow from the roof and prevent it spilling on the car behind as you drive down the road.