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Tyresafe reveals the extent of dangerous tyres in use

4 September 2015

Between February and April this year,  RoadSafe partner TyreSafe, in partnership with Highways England, conducted what is believed to be the largest survey of tyres at the point of replacement ever undertaken in Britain. The results were startling with 27% at an illegally low tread depth when they replaced which equates to potentially 10million dangerous and illegal tyre being used on Britain’s roads this year – that could affect more than one in every four vehicles. These results have been submitted to government agencies and you can expect further news on this subject shortly. 

In addition, Industry partners  also reported to TyreSafe an alarming number of motorists asking to have TPMS sensors valves swapped to traditional valves when they needed replacement. However, besides the implications for safety, legislation implemented on 1 January 2015 requires the TPMS system of any cars manufactured after 1st January 2012 to have a functioning TPMS system to pass its MoT. 

With a large proportion of owners unaware they even had the system, and the likelihood of many falling foul of the new legislation when they come to take the MoT, TyreSafe has generated an animation to assist in educating drivers.

This hugely popular resource is one of the ever-growing library of materials here.