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New tool in the fight against uninsured driving on UK roads.

11 July 2007

The ABI estimates that the total cost of uninsured motoring in the UK exceeds half a billion pounds each year.

During 2006 the Motor Insurers’ Bureau levy alone on the honest motorist to cover the cost of uninsured and untraced driving in the UK exceeded £350 million.

A total of 36,000 uninsured claims were reported to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau during 2006. This represents a 4.7% reduction in the number of uninsured and untraced driver claims on the previous year.

In April this year the Motor Insurers’ Bureau launched the Police Helpline, which is a dedicated ‘hot line’ for the Police to call when they stop a vehicle on the suspicion of no insurance.

Some drivers may be adamant that they have insurance cover.

A quick call to the 0845 MIB Police Helpline will enable dedicated call handlers to make additional enquiries to insurers to ascertain the validity of insurance cover. The officer is called back in minutes to confirm the validity of the cover. If no cover can be confirmed the officer may decide to seize the vehicle.

The MIB Police Helpline is currently being rolled out to all Police forces in UK.

For more information please visit www.mib.org.uk.