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Lack of common sense costs fleets

11 February 2009

Graham Hurdle, managing director of e-trainingworld, an online driver risk assessment and e-driver training specialist, believes it is time more business leaders spoke out in favour of common sense when it comes to health and safety related issues, as the UK heads towards an increasingly ‘litigious and mollycoddled society’ which will cost fleet operators dear.

He said: “When you consider a non-company car driver, you are looking at someone with their own car, using it for their own private journeys. It is their responsibility to insure their vehicle adequately, it is their responsibility to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy, that it is taxed correctly, that they have had eyesight tests, that their driving licence is valid, and to ensure they do not drink and drive, use their mobile phone etc. If they do not do these things, they know that if they cause an accident or are pulled over by the police they only have themselves to blame and that they will be personally accountable.”